The autonomous car: The ITS Station

We are certain that autonomous cars will dominate our roads sometime in the future. In order for cars to become truly autonimous, the various agents in the industry, such as car manufacturers, map makers, the roadside equipment industry and the authorities need to agree on many aspects of driving,

ITS Norway invited to a standardization seminar: «The future of autonomous cars» on the 4th of July. The seminar was set up in two halves: The first part covered the Belt Concept, and the second part covered the ITS stations, with the main focus on the Roadside ITS Station.

ITS Stations with Roadside ITS station as a case

In the near future the ITS Stations will be the ICT backbone of the ITS services and applications. The ITS Stations will convey all types of services and messages between the ITS stations, as well as external systems, roadside systems and in-vehicle systems. However, it is still difficult to see how the communication between the ITS Stations will be implemented and what kind of carrier that will be used in urban and rural areas.

In addition, it is of great interest to learn more about the definition of the functional and technical requirements for the ITS stations and services. For many of the agents in the field, these definitions and standards are important for the development of new services and sensor types – and in the end, the opening of a new industry in Norway.

The seminar used the Roadside ITS station as a case study and focused on the interface between the Roadside ITS station and its’ connected ITS stations and external systems. The seminar also covered issues relevant for the four types of ITS stations, i.e. the Personal, the Vehicle, the Roadside and the Central ITS station.


What is state of the art for communication and interface between Roadside and Vehicle ITS stations? Will the Belt Road Concept be standardized and implemented as navigation systems in cars?

How is Norway doing, and how can we use our existing maps and communication technology to support building a new C-ITS industry?

The invited speakers have years of experience and have taken an active role in the development and use of standard based innovation to bring us to where we are now.

Please join us in a discussion on how we can capitalize on these new trends!

You will find the second part of the seminar: The ITS Station, below.

Recordings from the seminar on ITS Stations

  • 12.00-12.20 Introduction and short overview of the Roadside ITS Station specification / Senior Advisor Trond Foss, SINTEF
  • 12.20-13.30 ITS Stations – State of the Art / Managing Director Dr. Hans-Joachim Fischer, ESF GmbH
  • 13.45-14.15 Use of ITS Station in Norway – ITS Station for tunnels / Systems Engineer Bjørn Elnes, Aventi
  • 14.15-14.45 Use of ITS Station in Norway – ITS Station based on Q-Free technology / Chief Technologist Knut Evensen, Q-Free
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